Who we are

Vision Pro Lighting is a top-level professional lighting manufacturer that offers a wide range of state-of-the-art products separated into three categories: entertainment lighting, theatrical lighting and architectural lighting. Vision offers wash lights, LED pars & bars, follow spots, projectors, DJ effects, Lasers amongst other lights and screens.

Our team works thoroughly with our clients and constantly researches the latest technological innovations in order to ensure our lighting products exceed market needs.

Our products have been installed, indoor and outdoor, around the world and across a multitude of industries, for temporary and permanent installations.

Why Choose Vision

From moving heads and LEDs to lasers and special effects, we provide the highest quality lighting products for the entertainment, theatrical and architectural industries.


We manufacture high quality moving heads, LEDs and Pars, DJ Effects, Lasers and LED Screens.

We work with multiple industries

A vast number of industries such as entertainment, leisure and architectural companies use Vision equipment.

Qualified engineers & support teams

We work closely with our clients to make sure that the products that we produce always meet their requirements.

We have passion, vision & values

We aspire to build affordable quality products that compete on the international world stage.

Our Mission

To deliver complete lighting solutions for professionals and businesses worldwide, from simple color-changing LED lights to the most advanced lighting equipment for all types of projects.

Our Vision

To become the most globally sought lighting company that offers top-of-the-line, innovative and efficient lighting solutions across the entertainment and architectural industries

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